My Happy Week #72

My Happy Week #72

What has happened to summer? I know I sound like a whiny bag but the kids break up and summer disappears! It’s the gremlin’s birthday this month and I am already expecting rain.

At least we have some happy moments from this week and here they are!

– The gremlin had a sleepover at the weekend and hubby and I got non-interrupted sleep from 10.30-7am! Heaven!!!

– I had a lovely Saturday solo parenting and took the girls to the park and Bella Italia. The gremlin and Piglet shared a spaghetti bolognaise and Piglet was squealing for mouthfuls; she loved it.

– A family BBQ for my step-Dad’s birthday. Love some BBQ food and a catch up with my brother.

– We took Piglet to get weighed and I am still smiling about the fact she weighs the same as my friends almost 6 month old. Brilliant!

– A trip out with my work bud and the kids. We went bear hunting, aeroplane spotting and had a picnic. It rained lots but we had a fun time!

– A lovely lunch and mooch around Solihull with Fran from Back with a Bump. We went to Nandos and had a look around the shops with lots of chatting.

We have quite a busy weekend of seeing friends, parties and I have finally booked my new Mum massage (only had it 11 months!!!!)

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