My Happy Week #73

My Happy Week #73

Ok I’ll say it, the weather is completely CRAP! I do feel sorry for all the parents with kids off at the moment as it is truly shocking. As I am writing this, we are stuck in. The gremlin is doing some sticking and Piglet is asleep.

Despite this, we have had some happy moments this week!

– We all went to a Christening at the weekend. The girls looked so pretty and it was lovely to catch up with some old friends.

– I had 4 hours to myself on Sunday. Massage, lunch and a cuppa and a bit of shopping. It was amazing!!

– I feel I am progressing a little with my knee and it has been better. I also treated myself to some trainers for better support when working out.

– An amazing VIP night out in Birmingham for the opening of a new restaurant by the canal: The Canal House. I went with two friends and we had a blast. Free food and drink and a fab environment.

– Little Piglet took a bottle of milk when I wasn’t here! Woop! She still loves her boobs but it’s fab I can go out and leave her.

– A lazy day with the girls. Although I was so tired the day after my night out, it was nice to stay in and play with the girls.

– The gremlin’s scooting. She has gone from basically being rubbish to being amazing! Two hours in the park and a scoot around the block. So proud of her!

– An amazing blog week. It’s fab to be earning some money out of something that is a hobby and I love so much. Bonus!

We have family over this weekend and I have another night out! Woop!

Have a good one lovelies!!

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