My Happy Week #74

My Happy Week #74

It’s felt like a crazy mad week this time around. I kind of feel a little like I am losing the plot a little, as have a very busy blog, a birthday party to sort and a gremlin starting school in a few weeks! Eeek busy times. Lists are my friends or I would be going crazy.

It has been a good week though with lots of happy moments and this is what we have been up to:

– A family day on Saturday and a lovely meal out. Shame little Piglet’s eyes were glued shut as she has had a bit of a virus.

– Although my night out with friends was cancelled due to illness, hubby and I had a fab date night, with wine and chats.

– The gremlin stayed at Nanny and Grandad’s on Sunday night and we all got a full night’s sleep and no early rise. Heaven!!

– Date night with hubby on Monday as we went into Birmingham to review a restaurant in a casino. We really enjoyed it and had a lovely time, chatting and good food!

– It didn’t make me that happy but I took the gremlin to McDonalds after a bit of bear hunting in town. She was in heaven.

– I got all the gremlin’s birthday stuff sorted and wrapped most of her presents. Phew! This felt good.

We have a weekend as just the 4 of us so should be nice!

Have a good one lovelies.

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