My Happy Week #75

My Happy Week #75

I can’t believe my gremlin is actually 4 today!! You can read my post for her if you like here. So soppy but I can’t believe it. As the party has been coming we have had a manic week previously as I have had so much to do!

We can always fit some happy moments in and this is what has made me happy this week:

– A day out at National Trust on Sunday with my family, was really lovely.

– Despite me being ill all weekend, I managed to tick off a lot of blog jobs including some video clips and photos. The gremlin was very co-operative!

– A trip up to Nottingham to see a friend. Was a good drive out and great to catch up though my eldest was actually insane. I’ve never realised how full on she is!

– My Mum came over on Tuesday and we hit the park for 3 hours- scooting, a picnic, ice-creams and the swings. We all loved it.

– Having 6 kids around the table on Wednesday. It was chaos, it was loud but it was very fun!

– Hubby was off work on Thursday and Friday. Always good to have some family time. We headed up to Kenilworth Castle which I haven’t been to since being a kid.

– Getting back to the gym after having a stonking cold! Oh I did miss it!

Hopefully we will have having an awesome time as you read this for the gremlin’s birthday!

Have a good one lovelies!!

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