My Happy Week #76

My Happy Week #76

This week has felt a bit meh. I don’t know if it is a massive come down after such a lovely bank holiday weekend or the rain. Or my kids are just feral at the moment. Anyways I have felt grumpy!

Luckily as always there are always some moments that make us happy each week and here we are!

– The gremlin’s birthday. It was a total success. Fab weather, a bouncy castle, family and friends and she seemed to have a brilliant time. That was all I cared about.

– The weather! It was amazing. So hot and perfect for the parties over the weekend as my neighbour had one too. We had a BBQ and I enjoyed wearing shorts.

– The gremlin went out with Nanny and Grandad and Piglet slept so hubby and I got a bit of time. I sat in the garden and managed to catch up on some telly. Fab!

– Lucy from Real Mum Reviews saved me on Tuesday when I had a bad morning with the gremlin. I definitely needed cheering up and she helped.

– Having some time to play with the gremlin and film a fun video with her whilst her sister slept. It was nice, as it is getting HARD with both of them now.

– A fun trip into town with the gremlin. We shared a smoothie and she walked there and back without moaning which is always a winner!

– Little Piglet had her first settling in session at nursery on her own. She aced it. No crying and was absolutely fine. The test will be next week but let’s see!

We have a party and I’m spending Sunday at my Mums. Have a good one lovelies!

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