My Happy Week #77

My Happy Week #77

We are officially on the week that the gremlin starts school. I’m sad of course but trying not to be! Her little sister also went to nursery for her first long days! Lots of changes.

We have been busy as always and have lots of happy moments.

Here they are:

– I got some time to myself on Sunday as hubby took the kids out! Yay! I never know what to do with myself but watched a bit of telly and did a bit of blog work.

– I went to stay with my Mum and step-Dad on Sunday which is always lovely. The gremlin always goes and sleeps with Nanny at 3.30am which suits me fine.

– Finding the most gorgeous jacket in River Island that I may buy…….(update I DID buy!)

– An amazing afternoon tea with my gremlin at a local hotel. We were totally stuffed but it was worth it. She was so well behaved and the food was fab.

– The gremlin had her first day at school and she smashed it! She looked so beautiful and went in without any fuss. I was so proud of her.

– Having some time to myself to crack on with the blog, seeing friends. Making the most of it before work!

– Little Piglet LOVED nursery. She was absolutely fine and never even looked back. Such a relief and I hope continues for when I go back to work.

I’m not sure what our plans are this weekend but have a good one!


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