My Happy Week #78

The week didn’t start out too brilliantly as Little Piglet was sick on Saturday night, the gremlin was sick on Monday and hubby and I were ill on Tuesday. It has been pretty crap. Just a nursery bug and you can read my thoughts on that here.

It has been really hard to summon up some happy moments!! I have absolutely no pictures at all as you can see from above!

– The gremlin was taking out to the cinema with Daddy and I went out for an hour with her scooting. I felt she did have some nice time with us at the weekend, despite a poorly baby.

– My Mum came over and we actually talked with a cuppa. The gremlin was at school and Piglet asleep. Had felt like ages!

– The gremlin enjoyed lunch at school and came out with such a beaming face to me and Mum. Such a shame she was ill and couldn’t go for a few days.

– The girls both managed to get back to school and Nursery on Thursday so I had some time to get organised and do some blog stuff.

–  A good blog week. Well I need it to bed, as I would like one of the new iPhones!!

– Doing a bit of dietetic work. It has been a whole year and I felt very rusty but got to get back onto the saddle.

It’s tough to think of the happy when I am sat writing this, still feeling a little yucky but hey! Let’s hope next week is a little better.

Have a good one lovelies 🙂

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