My Happy Week #79

My Happy Week #79

We started the week feeling much better. Phew! Plans are always scuppered feeling ill and you really lose your rhythm. It’s been a busy week and I have had to feel really organised which I’m rubbish at. It usually means lots of lists and sticking to them

So what has made us happy?

– Getting out to National Trust at the weekend. It has been ages and was fab to get out as a family and get some fresh air.

– A meal out together. The first one since we were all poorly!

– Watching the gremlin seem to really enjoy school and she has already made a little friend, which is lovely.

– A day with my Mum on Tuesday which was really nice. Much as we miss the gremlin, it is very quiet and nice to chat in peace.

– Catching up with a friend who I’d not seen for a while with all the bugs. Quiet without the older girls though!

– Getting excited for BlogOn at the weekend. Two days kid-free, blogging and friends. Yay!!

I hope when you are reading this I am having fun with some blogging buds up in Manchester!

Have a good one lovelies!

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