Introducing my BlogOn Xmas Sponsor – **Karma and Shine**

It’s blogging conference season and I am getting very excited!

This year I am going to BlogOn Xmas and am really happy as have heard so much about the conference.  Really positive things; helpful blogging sessions, fabulous brands to network with, amazing bloggers to catch up with and supposedly one of the best blogging conference goody bags ever.

Safe to say, yes I’m dying for it to come around. See my happy, hair done, made-up face below. If you want to know a little more about me then check out this little fact post from a while ago. Not much has changed!

I decided a weeks ago that I was going to risk leaving the girls with my hubby and stay over. A night out and sleep? Definitely a winner! I’m sharing a room with the lovely Kim from OddHogg, which should be fun. This is what I love about these events; you chat to people online, have never met them and then decide to share a room together. I hope you are ready Kimberly!

Introducing my Sponsor

I am also very excited for a second reason and this is to introduce my sponsor for the day, which I am eternally grateful for.

Say hello to – Karma and Shine!

Who Are Karma and Shine?

Are you a fan of slogan tees and sweats? Original designs with a feel good factor? Then Karma and Shine are the brand for you. I was casually browsing Twitter and some of their designs popped up and I was instantly drawn in. It may have been the unicorn…

As quoted:

“Karma and Shine is more than just a brand, it’s a way of living. Karma and Shine is all about looking life in the eye and saying “bring it on!” It’s about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. It’s about letting karma take care of it whilst you get your shine on! Join us in a little Karma and Shine!”

There are a variety of tees and sweaters with some fab designs. They will suit anyone from prosecco lovers to those who believe in karma.

They are eye-catching, original and competitively priced, for men, women and children.

As well as a standard range, there is also a seasonal range, so you can get your Karma and Shine on for Halloween, Diwali and Christmas.

In terms of production, Karma and Shine definitely fit their brand.

All t-shirts, tops and tote bags are printed in the UK on premium quality, 100% organic cotton produced by a multi-award winning clothing manufacturer in an ethically accredited wind powered factory.

Sounds perfect?

What’s Coming Next?

I very excited to be reviewing a few items alongside my hubby and the gremlin and there will also be a GIVEAWAY, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

If you are are going to BlogOn in a few weeks, please make sure you come and say hi!

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