5 Ways to Keep Safe When Doing DIY

I often let my husband loose on the blog now and then. I have to say DIY is more his forte. Since moving into the new house we have done less of it but in our first house hubby re-did all the bathroom by himself. It was very impressive.

It’s all very well and good doing some DIY yourself. It’s creative, it can save a lot of money and hubby assures me there is a sense of satisfaction when you have completed a job yourself.

Despite this there are always risks when starting a DIY project and when you have little ones these risks just multiply. There are personal injury places you can consult if this happens like slatergordon.co.uk but you obviously want to avoid it.

I asked hubby what his top 5 tips for keeping safe when starting a new project were. These were his thoughts:

– Use PPE – Personal Protective Equipment. This means googles, gloves, steel toe cap boots and overalls. Your body is really important and you need to protect it. You only get one pair of eyes! Some tools are very heavy if they get dropped on your feet.

– Keep you workspace tidy. This doesn’t necessarily mean tidy up as you go along but just make sure where you are working is clear. This avoid trips and falls.

– Use the right tool for the job. Do your research and ask for help if needs be. It can be quite dangerous if using the wrong sized tool or not knowing how to use it correctly.

– Unplug any electricals when you have finished using them. From our friend’s experience we know this can end in fire and complete mess and devastation. Always unplug and put away when able.

– Know your limits. If you’re not qualified to mess with electrics or the plumbing, consult an expert for assistance. It’s worth paying a bit extra and not putting you or your family at risk.

It’s always brilliant when completing a DIY job. It usually looks brilliant and it’s something YOU have achieved. It’s just so important to keep safe whilst you are doing it!

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post. 



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