Cocobubble Bath time Products **REVIEW**

Bath time is a big deal in our house. I am one of those mums who baths her kids daily and I always hop in with both the girls. We have numerous bath toys and are always on the look out for fun things we can use when having a bath.

I was contacted by Cocobubble, a company that produces bath time products for children. I was very keen.

Who are Cocobubble?

Cocobubble have designed products with delicate skin in mind. There are no harsh ingredients and their bath toys are designed with imagination in mind. They want to make bathtime an adventure.

Some facts about Cocobubble:

The products are good for the planet, as well as great for the skin. That’s why:

  • The bath products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals (only us!)
  • The packaging is 100% recyclable and our packaging beans are compostable
  • The suppliers are based in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint
  • The products are handmade in the UK

Cocobubble are passionate about their product ingredients and for peace of mind the follow are not found in any of their products:

  • No SLS / SLES – they are chemicals commonly found in commercial skincare products that are reported to cause skin irritation at low concentration levels.
  • No mineral oils – they are a by-product of the distillation of petroleum and a common ingredient in skincare products.
  • No silicones – they coat the skin and impede its natural function.
  • No parabens – they are linked to hormone imbalances.
  • No PEG’s – they are reported to be often contaminated with toxic impurities that can penetrate the skin.
  • No phthalates – they are reported to have a toxic impact on humans and animal life.
  • No animal ingredients – we love vegan skincare.

This sounds great!

What Did We Choose?

Cocobubble sent us a lovely bundle.

We were sent:

For the Gremlin (age 3 and up)

  • Spring life adventure set which retails at £10. There is a spring life bath bomb (with a surprise soap inside), a coconut half, 3 small soaps and a frog finger puppet which is made from felt and can be used inside and out of the bath.
  • Primary colour soap paints – strawberry, raspberry and lemon. These can be painted on the skin before the bath and washed off. They can be painted onto the bath and tiles and easily wiped away. A set of 3 tubs retails at £9.95.

For Piglet

Our Thoughts

We used the bath bomb first. It fizzed and produced an amazing scent. I loved the little soap inside and my eldest had great fun playing with that. I liked the soft feel of the water and our skin smelt fabulous. I went into my daughter’s room to kiss her goodnight and her skin just smelt so fruity.

I personally loved the bath paints. The texture is like paint and again the smell! Good enough to eat. My skin was so soft afterwards and the gremlin liked it all over her back. She also wanted to paint the side of the bath.

The little finger puppets fascinated my baby girl but the eldest enjoyed playing make-believe games with them. They are really cute and a bit different to having plastic toys in the bath. I like the way they could be used both in and out of the bath too.


I was really impressed with the products by Cocobubble. I think they are very original and would be great with a child who perhaps does not always like bath time. The bath paints would be a great distraction. I love how amazing they smell and that the ingredients have been carefully thought out and safe for skin.

If you like amazing smelling products but want to be reassured they will be ok for your little ones, give Cocobubble a try!


Would you like to win the spring activity set and soap paints (what my gremlin received)?

If so, please enter via Rafflecopter below and good luck!

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Disclosure – we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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