My Happy Week #82

My Happy Week #82

It’s been my last week off work before going back!! I do feel ready to go back now. You do start to psyche yourself up as the time comes. I’ve been making the most of having time, seeing the girls and getting my blog work all sorted!

So what has made me happy this week?

– A normal Saturday as a family of 4. We went to Nandos and chilled. The gremlin was pretty tired so needed the rest.

– A lovely Saturday night date night with hubby. It’s been a few weeks with BlogOn and birthdays.

– Catching up with the lovely Lucy from Real Mum Reviews. Was lovely to have a chat! We missed Holly though!

– Lunch with my Mum. Although have wriggling Piglet, it is nice to chat lots without my noisy Gremlin.

– Going back to some group training sessions in the morning. Although I can only get to the gym on a Monday and Wednesday when I’m back at work, working out with others is so much more fun. I also loved the autumn leaves as I was alking back.

– Enjoying a cuppa in front of the telly on my own. Will be my last for a while!

– Curry, curry and more curry! I really enjoyed one I had with hubby this week. Need them more often.

We have a party this weekend and I’m getting a pedicure!

Until next time lovelies!

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