Hormones – The joys of being a Girl

Hormones – the joys!!

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a TMI post. I share but I definitely don’t want to overshare.

I’m not breastfeeding little Piglet anymore. Everyone who breastfeeds seems to be very different when their periods return. For me it was almost 11 months after I gave birth. In hindsight I wish I’d not worried about it and just gone with the flow (haha that was not deliberate).

After the gremlin I never experienced the joys of my monthly naturally. I sorted out long term contraception quickly and therefore there was no real period return and wasn’t a lot for months afterwards. This time around I fancied a break. To let myself go natural. It’s been years and years and I felt I was due one. A decision I’m not so sure was a good one!

During my pregnancy I was never a nightmare with tears. I did get the grumps now and then but I was never a hormonal mess. I was more likely to be full of energy and working out.

It feels like I am like a teenager again at the moment. So let’s just say I have found it a little testing.

This is what I mean –

– Moods! I always had a grumpy week mid month regardless but now it’s a grumpy mid week, plus a tearful week around my period. I hate crying and I barely do it and timing this with my return to work has not been fun. I feel like a blubbering idiot. It’s also how angry I feel and I hate taking it out on the gremlin.

– Feeling out of control – it does feel like my body and mind has a life of its own around the time of my period and I’m definitely not sure I like it.

– Acne. Again I barely get spots. Now they are on my chin, neck and even back. I look in the mirror and thing what the hell?!

– Feeling hot. It’s like that crap advert from years ago of that woman tossing and turning in bed her body temp is half a degree more around that time of the month. Yep she was me this week.

– Cramps. Eurgh. Need I say more? Haven’t really had much of these for years (apart from giving birth of course).

I’m all for letting your body do things naturally but I’m wondering how long I will go au naturel before giving these hormones a helping hand?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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