3 Reasons Every Mum Should Consider Getting an Online Public Health Degree

When you consider earning a degree, the goals may be to improve yourself, increase your earning potential, help society as a whole – or some combination of all three. Here are three reasons why every mom should consider getting an online public health degree. We’ll address the personal benefits as well as the broader benefits of this degree.

Applicable Skills Everywhere

If you earn a masters in public health online, you’re able to not only earn a major pay increase over what you’re making now but you can also apply these skills elsewhere. You could be the resident expert in the PTA on public health, giving them advice on how to prevent the spread of illness whether from puking pre-schoolers or food-borne illnesses in the cafeteria. You could give an expert opinion on health and safety when planning a Scouting trip or city board position, whether or not you work in a civic or non-profit position. That you reduce the odds of your own children getting ill or injured is only a side benefit.

Job Prospects

Earning a master of public health degree online allows you to work in public health in any number of areas. Whether you’re working in a hospital, school administration, business risk management or for a health insurance company, you will enjoy the ability to work in a variety of industries. For example, you could work with an insurance company designing online education modules to help prevent health complications due to diabetes and high blood pressure. They want to invest in prevention because it is so much cheaper than treatment.

You’ll be well paid for your expertise and have the possibility of selecting a job that suits your schedule or family obligations. For example, you could work part-time for a non-profit fighting teen pregnancies and drug use. Or, you can study the impact of different policies and give advice on how to improve them, potentially benefiting all of society.

Professional Benefits

Public health programs, like most medical degrees, encourage or outright require continuing education to remain relevant. If you earn a public health degree, you’ll be stepping into a workplace that may pay for even further education. This could be paying for a second master’s degree in nursing or paying for a doctorate in public health. Dual degrees are common for public health graduates but not a necessity to find employment. You’ll also join one of the few professional fields that regularly provides education benefits in addition to health insurance. If you work for a civic organization like a school district or the city, you’ll have far better health insurance, vacation, and retirement plans than the private sector.

All of these benefits are aside from the direct personal benefits – a 90% plus employment rate on graduation and many high paying career choices whether working part time or full time.

Public health is a great emerging field with tons of opportunities. Public health knowledge gained from a public health masters’ degree is applicable in a number of professional, civic, and volunteering positions. You’ll enjoy strong demand for your skills and far better benefits than average. You’ll be able to select from an array of positions in the public sector, private sector and non-profit sector, part-time and full-time.

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