How to Put Enough Time into Studying for Your Nurse Practitioner Doctorate Degree While Still Enjoying Christmas With Your Kids!

Christmas is definitely a time when family comes first, and you only really get a few Christmases while your kids are young where they really feel the magic of the season. Going to visit Santa while they still believe he is real, putting out reindeer food and stockings on Christmas Eve, and snuggling up to watch those classic Christmas movies with them for the first time, are special memories both for you, and for them.

However, when you are studying online for something really important to your career, like your nurse practitioner doctorate degree, you may feel like you can’t really take too much time off from your studies to enjoy all the Christmas fun.

In reality, with enough planning you can make the most of one of those precious Christmases with your family, while still making progress on online doctoral nursing programs.

Here are some ways to manage it:

Create a Calendar for The Christmas Period

The key to keeping up with your studies while still enjoying all that the festive season has to offer is planning. This may not sound especially fun or Christmassy, but it really is the only way to have it all!

Sit down and make a list of all the things you want to do over Christmas, from going to your child’s school Christmas events to Christmas shopping, going to see Santa, having friends over for drinks, putting up the tree, and so on.

Now organize these into those with fixed dates and times (like events at school), and those you can be somewhat flexible about (like decorating your home). You can now start putting them into a calendar, using your favorite calendar app.

Once you have done all of this, you’ll have a clear view of where you can slot in study windows without losing out on anything.

Make Studying Feel Christmassy Too!

Nobody really likes having to work or study over the holidays, but you can at least make it feel a bit more novel and festive by replacing your usual drinks and snacks with Christmassy ones (even if you are being healthy, tangerines and nuts have a nice Christmas vibe) and playing some Christmas music while you study.

You can even do your revision or writing while snuggled up in your favorite Christmas pajamas. OK, it doesn’t alter the fact you’re studying when everyone else seems to be having fun, but at least it’ll feel a bit different from when you study the rest of the year!

Take Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Off

As a final point, no matter how hard you want to work, two days off won’t make much difference, and you’ll really enjoy having Christmas Eve, when the kids are so full of anticipation, and Christmas Day, away from your computer and thoughts of your nursing degree. The rest will refresh you and ensure you don’t feel like you missed out on anything on the big day!

Happy holidays, and good luck with your studies!

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post

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