My Happy Week #90

My Happy Week #90

Christmas is well and truly coming isn’t it? We have our decorations up and Heart Xmas is merrily playing on the radio. There is lots to do but I am definitely getting there.

We have been busy but lots of happy moments.

I HAVE to get back on the photo wagon as I actually have zero. Bad, bad times and I’m a bad blogger. So you will have to put up with a silly selfie of me and my mate on our Christmas do.

This is what has made us happy this week:

– Putting the decorations up. Even though the mess drives me crazy, it is always fun and looks so Christmassy.

– Seeing my Mum and step-Dad. They have been away for a while so really nice to catch up.

– The gremlin had her first birthday party from school and that was good fun. Was lovely to chat to some of the other parents too.

– Catching up with a friend on Monday. It had been ages, as we had both been so busy, so loads to talk about.

– The gremlin’s school nativity. It was so lovely and I have to say very funny (not intentionally I don’t think) but I laughed an awful lot.

– The Mum’s Christmas do. Last night I was out getting my groove on and it was lovely. Great to have a few drinks and let my hair down.

We have a school fayre, Santa breakfast and family over this weekend so it’s mad!

Have a good one lovelies.


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