My Happy Week #91

My Happy Week #91

The week did truly start with a bang. So much Christmas fun stuff going on and just brilliant! The gremlin is only in school for another for days and I can’t believe we will be celebrating Christmas. I thought I had done it all but actually there is quite a bit to do!! Eek.

So what has made is us happy with week?

– A lovely Santa breakfast with the gremlin’s NCT group. She actually sat on his knee and so did her baby sister.

– The school fayre. I actually was mad enough to help out for a little while and it was fun watching the gremlin have a great time. Another kind Mum took her around for a while which was great.

– SNOW!!! Of course, what else? Snowman, snow angels and a giant snow ball. It was great fun.

– The gremlin got a snow day on Monday and although she drove me potty, she did go out in the snow and did lots of playing. It was nice to have her home.

– Getting back to the gym! Not been in a week with work, snow and a crazy Christmas weekend. I had missed it!

– I’m almost there with all the Christmas stuff. Hubby and I need to sort food but won’t take us long.

We are seeing family and getting organised this weekend. I can’t believe we are so close to Christmas now!!

Have a good one lovelies!

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