What Would My Hubby Do if He Won the Lottery?

It’s the question most people ask each other don’t they? What would you do if you won the lottery or had a flutter online? It’s one of my husband’s favourite ones. He LOVES to sit and ruminate over what he would do, make plans and have a good old rich fantasy.

We always sit and say money doesn’t buy happiness but it does give you the tools and opportunities to do things that make you feel happy. Of course it would help!

So I asked my husband what he would do if he won and here is what he said.

– Build himself an indoor, tropical jungle. A bit like a botanical garden! He loves his garden, plants and flowers so this would be heaven.

– Build a house that in many years to come could be like a National Trust property and people could wander about and enjoy it.

– Become a trustee of a charity, which would include donating some winnings but he would be keen on being involved.

– Go back to Hawaii and explore all the islands. He would do a lot more, like have a helicopter ride and spend a lot of time chilling on a deserted, tropical beach. He would take the family!!

sunset in kauaii

– He would buy 20 briefcases and fill it with ¬£10,000 and go and give it to those people who had meant something to him during his life (not sure the tax man would agree but it’s a lovely gesture!)

There are lots of different ways of giving yourself a chance at winning some serious cash with the lottery. Hubby now and then enters the Euromillions to try and win! Obviously we have not been successful so far!!

It’s quite simple to enter online with Lottoland. You are not buying a ticket for the official lottery draws but betting on what the numbers will be draw on lotteries around the world such as the Irish lottery. This does give you lots of chances to try and win.¬† Lottoland will be paying you the prize.

It’s really simple as you just choose your numbers as you would normally and wait for the official draw. You can sign up and subscribe if you would like to play regularly too. The betting model allows Lottoland to offer special offers and double jackpots.

If you enjoy playing the lottery now and then, like my hubby this is a great way of doing so. There are more options, more offers and more chances to play.

This post is in collaboration with Lottoland.

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