Winter Car Safety

My hubby is always getting at me to think more about being safe in my car during the winter time. I had a very scary experience driving home a few Januarys ago. I lost control of my car on the M6 in snow and almost crashed, whilst pregnant with his eldest. I’m sure my guardian angel was looking out for me as somehow I re-gained control and could continue. I have also been stranded on the side of the M6 with my daughter when the turbo diesel hose came apart as I was driving home. I was so lucky it was a summer’s day; sunny and very warm. I would have been stuffed otherwise, as I had no survival kit in the car.

¬†We are currently right in the season of Christmas where it is so easy to have that extra glass of tipple and jump in the car and drive home or even worse, drive others home. I sure like anyone we don’t want to be calling up for help and support after an accident over the festive period.

Personally these are my winter car safety tips for this time of year:

  • DO NOT drink drive. It sounds so simple and yet I heard shocking stories about the amount others pack away and then get in the car and drive themselves and others home. It is taking a massive risk, not only to your own life but to innocent others. Remember after a “medium” drinking night, you are probably over the limit in the morning.
  • DO NOT get in the car with someone if you know they have been drinking. It is not worth it for your safety. Call a taxi or wake someone up for a lift. In the morning they will be glad you are safe (honestly)!
  • If there is bad weather; snow, ice or severe rain don’t make any unnecessary trips or if you have to, take it really easy. When I lost control in the snow on the M6 I was lucky to be doing 40mph. If I was doing 60-70mph, I dread to think what would have happened.
  • Ensure you have breakdown cover that it more than just roadside assistance! I was so lucky when my turbo diesel packed in, the very helpful guy could fix it by the roadside. He started telling me the costs if I had needed to towed. Safe to say I sorted my cover out sharpish.
  • Check your car to make it winter safe. This may mean investing in new tyres for the winter. Check your oil and water. Make sure your heating is working an functional.
  • Invest in a car safety kit, as I received. This may include a blanket, a high-vis jacket, food and drinks, a small shovel, a light and maybe even something like a hand warmer for extra heat. You may want to make sure you have a warm winter coat, even for short journeys.

I have been lucky so far and I have been given another kick up the bum to check my car and put my kit in the boot and in the glove box.

Hopefully, after reading this, you will all do the same!

Happy New Year and safe driving!


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