My Happy Week #94

My Happy Week #94

It’s felt like the real start back to work after the Christmas hols this week. I definitely had a slightly more blah feeling, though on the positive side I don’t think I have had any January Blues!

So what has made me happy this week.

– Having a couple of hours to myself to clean on Saturday. I filmed a fun speed clean video and just got loads done whilst everyone was out.

– Having more a break when my parents popped in. Both the girls had some time with them, so I suitably ignored my guests for a bit.

– Catching up briefly with my mate on Monday. We only had a quick cuppa in town but I had not seen her for ages!

– Although I had the longest day in Bristol in Tuesday for a clinic it was nice to get the train alone, do a bit of work and buy some nice food to keep me going!

– Keeping up with what the gremlin has been up to at school this week. I’ve seen some funny¬† stuff on their online system.

– The gremlin finally got her mermaid tail with no hole from Planet Mermaid! She was so thrilled and the review will be coming next week.

– Getting to the end of the week. Sounds rough but I picked up Piglet’s cold and was just dying for the weekend to come.

We have a weekend of family and friends coming up so should be great!

Have a good one lovelies!

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