My Happy Week #96

My Happy Week #96

I’ve been excited this week as I’m going away with my hubby for his birthday as you read this! Eek! It’s the first time I’ve left baby Piglet overnight and I am a tad nervous but sure she will be ok. I left her sister around the same time for 3 nights to go to a wedding (crazy!)

So back to this week and what has made me happy?

– Some lovely time at home with the baby. She is a little less stroppy this week and has been so cute walking about and playing with her babies.

– Doing a bit of high impact at the gym on Sunday! I’ve been super cautious with my knee but it seemed to hold up ok! Phew! Will still be taking it easy.

– A lovely day at my parent’s on Sunday. It’s always good to see them and get a bit of a break as the girls don’t want us at all!! Managed to sneak some Prosecco in too!

– Planning to see my oldest friend on Saturday before hubby and I get to our hotel. Haven’t seen her for months, so will be lovely to catch up.

– A catch up with my neighbour who lives over the road. Not seen her for ages and was nice to chat. Plus we are going to take our babies to a class on a Monday together which will be nice.

– Writing a few things for the blog for me. I has been a quieter month work-wise but I’ve enjoyed going back to some fun posts and what I want to write.

– Having some fun with photos! I did my first flat lay and had a good time shooting the girls in some lovely dresses we reviewed.

I hope I’ll be having an awesome weekend away and hope you do too!

Have a good one lovelies!


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