My Happy Week #98

My Happy Week #98

Back to work for me this week which always feels a bit meh but it’s also a break from my crazy kids during the witching hour!! I have managed to get back into routine and some form of normality!

So what has made me happy this week?

– We had a nice, family weekend and went out to Pizza Hut, my favourite place!

– Hubby and I hit the gym together; first time in about 6 months! I don’t jest either.

– I had a day with my Mum. We went shopping and for lunch with little Piglet, who had a monster strop in MnS.

– I sorted something out that was bothering me at the school. I’m not going to annoyingly go into details on the blog but I would definitely say being honest and brave is the best thing!

– A catch up with my neighbour who I haven’t seen in ages. Good to put the world to rights for a bit over a cuppa.

– My new top came from the States. I really love the design, “Chaos Co-ordinator”. Sums me up with these crazy girls.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, so hoping all goes to plan!

Have a good one lovelies!!

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