Making Your Mummy Blog Work for You

Making Your Mummy Blog Work for You

The siren call of blogging is often hard to deny as it offers a productive outlet for creativity. It’s a way to share expertise and passions with a worldwide audience. Often, blogging can also become a way to earn varying levels of income. As either a stay-at-home mum or a mother who is working part-time, the idea of starting a mummy blog can hold a lot of appeal. Making your mummy blog work for you is all about being flexible and realistic.


The most important thing to remember is how blogging is a journey, just like all else in life. What you make of it comes down to the role you want the endeavour to play in your life. While it makes the most sense to follow the steps below in the order listed, the creative process is rarely linear. Circumstances dictate the need for constant adjustment but being strategic in planning can go a long way.

Identify Your Blogging Goals

Take the time to do some-soul searching by asking important questions when it comes to starting a mommy blog. Is the blog intended as more of a hobby? Why do you want to chronicle your family’s life online? Do you see it as a way of sharing and preserving family memories? If so, great. However, if making income is a goal, how can the content you share best help you achieve a means to those ends?

Are you willing to write sponsored posts? What sorts of products can you endorse through affiliate marketing? How and when will you start incorporating ads for income? What sort of free stuff might you want to receive while knowing taxes need to be paid on it? Will your blog grow into an eBook or some sort of online course?

Attend to the Nuts and Bolts

Free blogging platforms like or are great for learning the ropes but come with serious drawbacks as you start to branch out when it comes to making your mummy blog work for you. Even though the learning curve is greater with self-hosted websites, the possibilities are much greater. You’ll start with the process of obtaining and registering a domain name. Next up comes picking and customizing a theme, dreaming up a memorable site name and tagline, and tending to brand cohesiveness.

Whether you intend to earn an income from blogging or not, without visitors, a blog may as well not exist. This means taking the time to learn about keywords that will help drive organic traffic and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You’ll want to set up Google analytics and an email list as well using a program such as MailChimp.

Set Schedules and Categories

It’s best to start off slow rather than trying to commit to a heavy posting schedule. Account for the time it will take to learn how to format posts and optimize images. In the beginning this might mean posting only once a month or every other week. Many bloggers find their stride with weekly posts, but some can churn out posts two or three times a week.

Keep in mind that longer posts are deemed more informative and will help your posts rank higher in the eyes of search engines. Age-old writing advice states to write what you know and wanting to start a mommy blog means honing a niche, but family life is still a pretty big niche. What passions can help set you apart? Homeschooling? Organic food? Family budgeting? Enriching activities? You will always be a mother first and foremost, but all women want to retain and develop their identity in other ways. Be sure to work your main passions into the fabric of your blog. It’s hard to stand out in a sea blogging voices, bit it is possible.

Grow Your Platform

In addition to snagging organic traffic and collecting email address, you’ll want to branch out into guest posts to help drive traffic back to your blog. Choose these opportunities wisely by picking blogs with an engaged and large readership. Participating in a blog linky is also a great way to expand your reach.

You also need to decide how much time to devote to various social media websites as the effort can become a huge time suck. Pick what sites work best for you and your content as it’s impossible to be everywhere at once.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t run yourself ragged by only blogging in the wee hours of the morning or late at night when everyone else has gone to bed. Make it clear to the family that you need uninterrupted time to get the writing done. This can be hard to stick to, but that’s a given for any goal one wants to achieve in life.

Also look for ways to incorporate family life into the blog as much as possible. As your children become aware of the posts, let them contribute to the creative process in various ways, such as taking pictures that will go in a post or being featured as part of post content in some way.

The options are endless when it comes to making a mummy blog work for you, and that means it can also seem pretty overwhelming. The key is to just dive in and never stop learning.

What words of advice can you offer when it comes to making your mummy blog work for you?

Disclosure – this is collaborative post.


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