My Happy Week #105

My Happy Week #105

Life has felt very hectic recently. Family have been living with us, hubby has been away and I have been away. Busy, busy.

Lots of happy moments though and this is what has been going on this week:

– We all got our hair done! The whole family. Such a relief as we looked so scruffy!

– I had a brilliant time in Amsterdam with work. I was pleased I went, learnt a lot, spent time with lovely people and had a break!

– Exercising in my hotel room away. I appreciate I sound nuts but I was glad to get something done, as not been able to gym as Mum with hubby and I both being away.

– Some exciting blog parcels when I got home. We and the girls are very, very lucky!!

– Looking forward to the weekend. We have the circus and the gremlin has a party. Plus hubby and I have a date night and are generally trying to spend some time together after us both being away on and off for the last 2 weeks.

– Putting Piglet to bed on Wednesday night and chilling. That girl was so grumpy!!

It seems a short one this week as I have been away but here’s hoping for a good weekend.

Have a good one lovelies!

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