Don’t be Scared to Write The Truth

I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and over the last 6-12 months, definitely had more paid work and reviews. This is great obviously. I’m gaining experience, earning some extra pennies and really enjoying myself.

Despite my growing experience, I always have the internal debate with every review: do I fully write the truth? Do I reveal what I really think warts and all? Do I tell people I would never buy this product EVER?


Of course I try to and if something is really bad (which luckily it’s never really been) I would always write to a PR and let them know first. As a blogger you have to be honest and open when you review a product or a service, as others are trusting you to give them that, before potentially parting with any money. But there is still that worry!

I hate the way I worry sometime about what people think of me and this was an internal battle I had with myself writing a review for a local Circus I attended. We really enjoyed it and I was happy to write a positive review. There was one aspect of the show that bothered me slightly which involved the use of a female audience member. It was meant to be humorous but I could not help feeling it was a little sexist, the woman was objectified a little and I ummed and errred for ages about adding this to the review. Hubby thought I should, as even he admitted to cringing a little. As a blogger, I read a lot of support for women and equality is very important but still I worried about people reading that aspect of my review and rolling their eyes; another writer with no sense of humour and making a big deal over nothing. I’ll admit, in my eyes it wasn’t a massive big deal but enough to make me feel I needed to be honest about it.

So I was. I wrote about it and included it in my review.

I was so glad I did.

When I shared the review I was informed the Circus team were going to change that part of the act, as they pay very detailed attention to their reviews.

I was really impressed with them and also proud of myself. I’m glad I posted that aspect of my review and didn’t shy away for worrying what they and other people would think about my opinions. I even felt a little daft for worrying about this in the first place. It’s my blog and it’s my little space of the web. It’s my voice; my honest voice and that is what I need to ensure I am at all times.

So my message to you, never be afraid to write or speak the truth. Your opinions may actually result in something changing for the better.

And for that I’m pleased.


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