My Happy Week #107

My Happy Week #107

Ah it had to be a good start to the week with Easter. We had a good one but it went too quickly and I was back at work in a flash. Sometimes the routine is good though.

So what made us happy this week?

– I went to the gym with my Mum which was fun. She ached a LOT the next day.

– I met up with the lovely Fran from Back with a Bump on Saturday and we had lunch and our girls had fun. Lovely to catch up.

– Decluttering and tidying. I have (with help) completely reorganised the dining room; we have a clean table and it is so less messy. Feeling goooood.

– Easter. We had a lovely day. Took the girls to the park, chilled and played, drank Prosecco and ate chocolate. Was lovely.

– I had fun with my work bud and her girls in town on Wednesday, even though we lost the gremlin’s coat and she found it again!! Phew!

– Having the gremlin at home over the week. I thought she would drive me mad but it’s not been too bad.

– Catching up with the blog work over Easter. I had a few reviews in March and trying to work through it all!!

It doesn’t look like the best weather this weekend so no clue what we will be up to!

Have a good one lovelies!

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