My Happy Week #109

My Happy Week #109

The gremlin went back to school this week and it was a little weird after having a really nice holiday with her over Easter. It’s nice to get the routine back but always nice to have her home.

We have been busy and this is what has made us happy this week:

– We went to a lovely party for Elarna’s 3rd birthday at my linky bud’s house on Saturday. Was nice to catch up and the kids had a great time.

– The gremlin had another Princess party on Sunday, which she really enjoyed.

– We popped over to visit my Mum on Monday, which was the first time in ages. Was nice to catch up and chill.

– The weather!! It has been so warm and lovely. We had a BBQ but shame I had to work the end of the week. The girls have enjoyed staying up and playing out!

– A good blog week; after being quiet, had some work roll in. This is great, as my lovely car is eating money at this time of year!

– I’ve felt a bit ill this week with a sore throat and neck so I’ve not got to the gym as much but one thing that has helped is resting and sleeping. Sometimes we just need it!

I’m hoping the weather is here to stay so we can have a lovely weekend. I’m catching up with friends and have blog work to do, so hope can get it all done!

Have a good one lovelies!


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