My Happy Week #111

My Happy Week #111

This weekend didn’t go to plan at all. I was meant to be at a party with hubby but Piglet had other ideas and started puking. I settled her but just as we were about the leave, she was sick again and that was my night ended! I ended up sitting with my Mum, her and a sick bowl. Luckily that was about it for the sick but it’s horrible having a poorly baby! Then I came down with it Thursday morning which was a joy.

So what did make me happy this week?

– The gremlin was star of the week again for a big improvement in her reading and writing. So proud of her.

– Mum and I went shopping on Saturday and I did manage to buy some summer bits. Then it was 4 degrees on the 1st May. Come on! Seriously?

– Little Piglet got better quickly which is nice, despite the sick. She ate all her tea on Sunday night. Phew!

– I caught up with a friend who I haven’t seen for ages on Wednesday which was nice. I got a lot of cuddles from the smallest (and probably her germs) which was nice at the time.

– Feeling better myself! I always think you should never take your health for granted when you are ill. I missed the girls, my cups of tea and just feeling soooo bad is horrible.

– Dressing up. Although I never ended up at the party at the weekend, it was fun!

I’m really hoping I get to BlogOn this weekend, as have a room booked. I’m feeling better as I type this but hope all will be ok.

Wish me luck lovelies!!


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