My Happy Week #112

My Happy Week #112

It’s been a lovely, busy week. I thankfully got over my horrible tummy bug and was able to go away for the weekend, which was fab. I was worried about wasting my hotel room and ticket.

So what has made me happy this week?

– BlogOn! It was a lovely couple of days. I thought the conference went really well and it was fab to socialise and catch up with some lovely bloggers.

– The weather. I can’t not mention that. It has been so lovely and warm and great get out.

– Despite it being heaving and the gremlin being a total pain, it was fab to get out to National Trust on Bank Holiday Monday. It was so warm and so pretty. Got some lovely photos.

– Feeling better!!! I mentioned it earlier but it was so good to stop feeling yacky and be able to eat normally again. I always feel a little scared after a bug.

– Getting back to the gym! It was great after a week and I really want to step it up now before my holiday next month.

– Catching up at work. I feel I have had so long off after being ill and it was actually good to be busy and have lots to do.

– Wine night on Friday! Need I say more?

We are having a family weekend and the gremlin has a party, so will be nice to be a bit less hectic!

Have a good one lovelies!


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