My Happy Week #114

My Happy Week #114

The weather has been so lovely this week. We are gearing up for half term and I can’t believe it. Our holidays come after. Eek!

What has made us happy this week?

– Hubby and I had a fab weekend trip to Ireland to see my bridesmaid and her family, including her new baby. We chatted, walked, ate and drank! Was lovely and such a good time.

– Chilling in the garden. It was lovely to follow little Piglet around, as I had  missed her being away.

– The gremlin moving up another reading level. Likely as we are away at the start of next term but still very proud of her.

– Starting to get excited about holidays. I feel like I have done nothing and still have loads to do but am looking forward to it. Packing this weekend!

– Watching the gremlin re-enact the Royal Wedding at school. It was brilliant and she was a flower girl, though I think she thought she was a bridesmaid.

This week feels so short after being away and hubby has been away too!

We will be getting ready for holidays this weekend and hoping for some good weather!

Have a good one lovelies!


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