My Happy Week #115

My Happy Week #115

This week has kind of gone slow which is expected as we are going on holiday tomorrow!! It always happens on the last week before we go away.

Despite this there have been some happy moments and here we are (hardly any photos this week though and they don’d relate to what has happened at all!):

– I had fun at my friend’s little one’s birthday party at the weekend. The grem enjoyed herself too and the weather was lovely.

– Packing for holiday. Although it’s a total pain it is fun getting organised and sorting out all the girl’s different dresses ready.

– We had a lovely bank holiday Monday and went out to a small farm and had a BBQ.

– The storms! I loved the lightening and the humidity. I was up watching the lightening in the middle of Saturday night and sat outside waiting for the rain on Sunday.

– The grem had a fun play date on Wednesday. It was funny listening to them play together and their games.

– I headed into town with the grem in the rain on Wednesday pm and we actually had a good giggle and I got my eyebrows done!

– Getting my blog organised! I finally think I will be ready for holiday with everything done (I hope).

– Finishing work for 2 weeks! I am looking forward to sun and time with the family.

This weekend will be finalising getting ready, getting my hair done and packing!

Have a good one my lovelies!!


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