My Happy Week #116

My Happy Week #116

It’s my first happy week since holidays and we are back! Boo! I have to admit it wasn’t too bad to be home and get back to some normality and I have had some happy moments this week.

This is what I mean.

– We had a lovely weekend and the grem went off to the allotment with her Dad on Father’s Day and then we all went plane spotting later. We all love this!

– I got back to the gym and my training bud was back after being away for a month fasting. I ached so much on Monday but it was a good feeling.

– I caught up with two mates on Monday; Lucy from Real Mum Reviews and I met my neighbour for lunch. That was lovely, as been ages and the youngest was so well behaved!!

– Going back to work wasn’t too bad at all. Nice to catch up with everyone.

– I’ve enjoyed having some time with Little Piglet and we have had some giggles and cuddles. She slept for a stupid amount of time on Wednesday too!!

– Catching up with all my blog work. Work wise has definitely gone a little quieter so it is nice to write my own stuff and catch up.

I’m looking forward to the weekend as we are seeing friends and family.

Have a good one lovelies!



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