My Happy Week #118

My Happy Week #118

I’m still in hot weather heaven at the moment. I absolutely love it. Waking up everyday to sunshine and warmth is like being on holiday. It can stay for a while longer!

So what has made us all happy this week?

– We had a busy weekend and I enjoyed taking the gremlin to a party, hitting the gym, having a BBQ and chilling in the garden.

– Attempting to camp in the garden!! It was good fun even if it didn’t work out.

– I had some lovely feedback on a couple of videos I did recently; always nice to be told you have done some good work.

– It was lovely to catch up with a friend on Monday, who I had not seen for ages. Brief but nice.

– My car passed it’s MOT. It costs me a fortune at this time of year but life in it left!!!!

– The gremlin had her first swimming lesson and loved it. Good to see her getting back to it.

– I did a new clinic at work on Thursday which I really enjoyed. Nice to do something different.

– Looking forward to the weekend. In this heat, I can’t wait to enjoy it!

Have a good weekend lovelies and lets hope England win!


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