My Happy Week #119

My Happy Week #119

This week has been another scorcher and I keep saying I won’t complain, as I love the holiday feeling.

So what has made us happy this week?

– Family and friends time on Sunday. We had a BBQ and the kids played in the paddling pool and there was a lot of screaming!

– England winning the quarters! I’m definitely not a footy fan but you can’t help getting a bit excited can you?

– A lovely morning on Monday with Lucy from Real Mum Reviews. We headed to a different park, the girls, had a paddle and little Piglet went on her first rides. Was lovely.

– I didn’t actually get home really late after my clinic in Bristol on Tuesday. This is always a plus!

– I bought Little Piglet a Christmas present. Yes already.

– The gremlin got the trophy in gymnastics and she was so proud of herself!

– The gremlin had her school report and it was lovely! Loads of positive comments.

We have a busy weekend with the grem’s school fayre and meeting friends this weekend.

Have a good one lovelies!


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