Blogging and The Media – A Great Way to Spread a Message

Blogging and The Media – A Great Way to Spread a Message

If anyone has been following my blog over the recent weeks, I may have mentioned once (or 10 billion times) that our summer holiday to Spain was cancelled due to Ryanair cancelling our flights. Not good and of course we were not happy.

Times have changed of course. I have never been much of a complainer but gone are the days when you write a sternly worded letter or even send an email. Now people take to social media to vent their frustrations. It’s public. It’s visible and a lot of brands are like shit off a shovel when it comes to acting on a complaining Tweet or Facebook post. You get a response quite quickly and things get sorted.

I of course, had the same idea and tweeted Ryanair directly as we were on our way back from the airport. I explained how disappointed I was and how I would never use them as a carrier again.

I didn’t expect a response and of course I never did get a response from Ryanair. What I didn’t expect was for Heart Radio and the Birmingham Mail to contact me, after seeing my cross Tweet.


I’m not sure if this was a blogger or just because they picked up on my Tweet generally. They asked me to call and basically explain what had happened. I waited until I got to my Mums, half way home and made the two calls.

Heart Radio were after a sound bite, nothing live and I didn’t feel too nervous when they called back and asked me to tell my story. The Birmingham Mail asked me lots of questions and I got the impression this would be for more of a story.

I was right. I checked online and the Mail published the story that night. The story was good, truthful and explained what had happened and our frustration at the whole situation.  I was pleased, as you always worry things may be taken out of context.

What I didn’t expect a couple of days later, was for a friend to text me and tell me our story was on the front page of our free local paper! They had obviously picked it up from the Mail.

I never heard anything on the radio and didn’t expect to, as it was Heart Essex who I called. Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my work colleagues in the gym and she told me she heard it on the radio, locally. She heard my name and recognised my voice! Again, of course, things get shared!

How did I feel?

I wasn’t sure. There was part of me that was a little embarrassed; anyone who knew me in Solihull was going to see my face splattered all over the local news. Would I come across as moany? But then I knew the story written was truthfully and most people had been shocked and disappointed for us when our flight had been cancelled.

I’m a blogger and of course I share things about our family but I’ll not pretend I’m a big blogger, with massive stats and a huge following. I love to blog but I know my limits. When one of your stories is taken wider and shared there is always that worry about trolling and nastiness but to be honest we have had nothing, apart from a few people saying they have never had issues with Ryanair.

I thought about it another way; Ryanair are a crappy airline. I personally have never had a good experience with them and have learnt my lesson the hard way; you get what you pay for. I wouldn’t want another family having the same experience as us. Being disappointed. Losing out on their family holiday. Time, money and frustration. I’m glad my story and message got out there for others to hear and hopefully will help them choose wisely when planning a holiday.

Obviously a cancelled Ryanair flight is definitely not ground breaking, devastating news. Hubby and I laughed a lot seeing ourselves on the front page of our local Solihull news BUT for other blog articles and more serious stories, getting into the wider media can be a brilliant thing. To help others and spread a positive message by your experiences is an amazing thing.

I was a little unsure about sharing our story on the radio and in the papers but I’m glad I did and I would push you towards it to, especially if it is something that could inspire or help others.

Your blog can really be a vessel, a voice and this can be a really positive thing.



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