My Happy Week #123

My Happy Week #123

It has been a lovely hot week and we have been keeping ourselves busy and enjoying the holidays. I can’t believe the gremlin is coming up to three weeks off! I bet the teachers are despairing!!

So what has made us happy this week?

– I did a big clean of the house. Sad but true. We don’t have our cleaner during the summer holidays and it was nice to do it. Piglet went to nursery, so made it easier.

– A couple of lovely days out. We hit a local park which had so much to offer and it was a lovely day.

– Catching up with family and a friend’s Mum at the weekend. We had a BBQ and was fab to chat and see everyone.

– My new FitBit Versa! I love it and have been hitting 10,000 steps. I was worried I wouldn’t as don’t always feel I walk as much. Think I could improve the old sleep but I have a nice low resting heart rate of 54, which I can smugly tell the hubby 🙂

– A nice blog op coming through. I was beginning to think August was going to be the quietest month ever!

– Having a Mummy-Daughter day with the gremlin at the end of the week. We did some shopping and went to Nandos. Then we played some games when we were back.

I’m not sure what we will do this weekend, as think we have exhausted it all!

Have a good ones lovelies!!




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