My Happy Week #127

My Happy Week #127

So the gremlin has been back to school this week which feels weird, as she has been off for so long. I got used to her driving me mad, Mummy-daughter days and lazy chill breakfasts.

So normality it is and going back to long days on Thursdays (which my hubby HATES as he cooks and has to do all pick ups!!).

So what has made us happy this week?

– A fab day on Saturday at Warwick Castle with friends. The grem had a great time and even managed most of the Dungeons which I was pretty impressed at!

– Having some time to catch up on Sunday. Been so busy, that neglected a lot!

– Surviving three kids for most of Monday. I was quite proud of myself, as I need to get used to it!!

– Hitting over 18k steps on Wednesday. This sounds so sad but I struggle on my work days, so it was fab to over achieve!! Did so much walking.

– The gremlin went back to school and was fine. I was a bit worried, as she wasn’t too well but seemed to be ok and likes her new teacher.

– I can barely type this as worried about jinxing but I think my pregnancy nausea may have passed!! This has meant my mood and patience has been so much better.

– Looking forward to the weekend. Hubby and I are going away to a hotel for a night and getting a massage! This is for our anniversary. Very excited.

Hope you have a good one lovelies!!!


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