My Happy Week #132

My Happy Week #132

Another week has flown by! The grem has been off this week and originally we thought it would be a write off, as Piglet got a funny rash on her hand. We were convinced it was hand, foot and mouth but by the next morning all had vanished!! She’s snotty so maybe something viral!

So what has made us happy this week?

– The grem had a lovely party at the weekend and it’s always funny to see her interacting with her friends. Reminds me of my childhood.

– We met up with friends at National Trust on Saturday and did a Halloween trail. All was fab until we were seriously rained out.

– Decluttering! When we got back from National Trust, I sorted our shoe cupboard and my shoes, the mantle piece and changed tables in the kitchen. Little bits when you have time make all the difference.

– Setting a date for a big declutter!!! My parents are having then girls for a couple of weeks mid November and it will really help us start to get sorted.

– The girls have been playing so nicely together recently! I was amazed on Monday, as I had a cup of tea and sat on my own in the kitchen for ages!

– I had fun with the girls and took them to the park on Wednesday and then out for an Asda lunch. I ended up spending a fortune on clothes and stuff though!

– Halloween! I really enjoyed taking the gremlin Trick or Treating this year. She was confident and we stayed out later. Loads of fun.

I’m meeting friends this weekend and going to make the gremlin help me sort her room out. Wish me luck, as it’s charity shop time!!

Have a good one lovelies!!


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