My Happy Week #134

My Happy Week #134

Another week has passed, so far a better week after the last!! What with illness, injuries and blog issues, I wanted a calmer week!

So what has made us happy this week?

– I managed to get back to the gym after being ill. Although, I’m pregnant, I still love to go, as keeps me fit and mentally healthy.

– A family get together on Sunday which was lovely. We took a load of food down and I always love eating!!

– A busy Monday. I exercised, went out for breakfast and caught up with friends. Then my Mum popped over and took Piglet into town, so I could watch Eastenders and do a bit of work. A good day!

– I got back to work. With leave and sickness, I’d been out of the office almost 2 weeks!!!

– I saw the midwife on Wednesday and we heard the heart beat. Little man looks to have his head low already so hoping stays this way!

– Looking forward to a break with hubby this weekend. The girls are off to my parents for two nights! We are cleaning and going out for food.

That’s about it really! It’s been a better week than last for sure so far…

Have a good one lovelies!!


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