My Happy Week #135

My Happy Week #135

I can’t believe this time last weekend we were kid-free having a massive sort out. Times flies! The pre-Christmas panic is starting to wash over a me a little. We are getting towards the end of November and although both the girls have lots of bits bought (in fact they are almost done!), I still have family to buy for, blog work to do and a lot going on! Eek!

So what made us happy last week?

– Getting the house organised. It has been a long time coming but we managed to get loads done. My fridge is lovely and clean. The spare room has been done and we have sorted lots of baby clothes.

– Hubby and I got a date night on Saturday and went out for food. I missed my vino but it was still lovely to get out and chat.

– I spent some time doing Christmas crafts with the gremlin on Sunday when she came back. I’d missed her, so was lovely to have that time, as Piglet is pretty full on at the moment!

– I went back into reception on Monday which is always fun. I watched the kids start practising the Nativity and some lovely girl drew my baby boy a whale picture!! Hmmmm!

– Catching up with all the blog work. It does feel like I have a lot on but determined to stay ahead!

– I wasn’t feeling great on Wednesday but decided to go into town and sorted out the girls’ Christmas Eve boxes and me and Piglet went out for lunch. She was lovely and scoffed all her dinner. I was glad we did make the effort!

– The cold! I actually loved the frost at the end of the week. Hubby de-iced my car and I loved the cold feeling going into work.

I’m actually getting my hair done this weekend and the gremlin is catching up with her friends!

Have a good one lovelies!


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