The Ultimate Christmas Packing Guide

The Ultimate Christmas Packing Guide

Tampa is a beautiful city that is growing by leaps and bounds. This growth has prompted many people to relocate to the area. In some cases, new residents are moving during the holiday season which can be a difficult undertaking. Here is the ultimate Christmas packing guide:

Confirm Moving Reservations. Don’t wait until the last minute to confirm your moving reservations. Make sure that you know the date and time that the moving company will arrive so that you can plan accordingly. Call your moving company to confirm your reservations. You should also reconfirm those reservations a few days prior to your move. A great company to reserve is Suddath movers of Tampa. The company offers you the opportunity to book moving reservations and confirm those reservations online.

Pack Non-essential Items First. If you are moving in three weeks don’t pack your coffee maker yet. Only pack things that are seasonal or things that you are not going to need during the next three weeks. If you pack essential items you will constantly have to retrieve those items. During the holiday season, packing non-essential items can be difficult because you may want to use some of your holiday decorations. As such you should decide which decorations you want to use and pack the decorations that won’t be used. This will reduce your stress levels and assist you in having a smooth moving experience.

Minimize your holiday plans. Traditionally the holidays are a time to gather with family and friends to have a large meal and celebrate the season. However, if you are preparing to move you should reduce your stress as much as positive and skip some of the holiday festivities. This is particularly true if you usually host for the holidays. In minimizing your plans you will have more time to plan and pack your belongings so that you can make your move as easy as possible.

Ask Family and Friends For Help. Packing can be a huge undertaking and you should get as much assistance as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends to help you pack or organize your items. This assistance will help you to pack faster and give you some peace of mind. Although it is the holiday season and people can be extremely busy, most people don’t mind taking a couple hours out of the day to assist with packing.

If you follow the aforementioned guidelines, packing during the holiday season will be less stressful. You might have to minimize your holiday plans to accommodate your packing schedule. Remember to be organized and intentional in the way that you pack. Confirm and reconfirm your moving reservations and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance packing your belongings.

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