My Happy Week #138

My Happy Week #138

This week really feels like it has flown by but it has been busy and I would say quite product full. I do feel like we have achieved quite a bit and also had a pretty good time.

So what have been our happy moments?

– We bought a new car! Hubby is going to write a helpful post on this for me but we chose a SEAT Alhambra and it is really big! Also automatic which has been a new experience but I have enjoyed driving it.

– I got loads of jobs done on Sunday, as had to get the gremlin ready for school and sort all the bits I had ignored over Christmas, like ironing! We hit the park for a bit with the girls too.

– I had two day annual leave which was lovely!!

– I had a shopping day with my Mum on Thursday and bought lots of bits of the baby and a couple of bits for me. We had lunch out and was lovely to chat uninterrupted!!

– I picked up my parcel which was a sales clothes order from New Look!! I’d got 6 new things; some for now and some for after the baby. Exciting!!

– Friday was a blog and chill day at home which was great. Love some time to myself.

This weekend the gremlin has swimming and we are off to review an inflatable park!! Should be fun!

Have a good one lovelies.


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