My Happy Week #139

My Happy Week #139

I’m getting closer and closer to the end of this pregnancy and it feels a bit scary and very real! Another week has flown by we have had some lovely moments!

This week’s happy times are:

– Taking the gremlin for her first swimming lesson since Christmas. She really looked like she was having a lovely time.

– Doing some scrapbooking with the gremlin; it was nice to actually do some and have some time with her.

– We all headed to Inflata Nation and it was really good fun!! It’s like a giant inflatable play area and you can check out my review here.

– I caught up with a fellow pregnant friend on Monday. Nice to see her and have a slight panic together!!

– It gets a bit tedious sometimes being in all day but I had some time with little Piglet on Monday. We played and just hung out. She’s been a bit of a Daddy’s girl recently so was lovely to have some cuddles.

– I went and looked at new laptops on Wednesday and had some inspiration! Quite excited, as I have been after one for a while now.

– Having a few nice bits promised via the blog this week. Work has been quiet but still lovely to get some nice offerings and some good bit for the upcoming Valentine’s gift guides I have planned.

I’m hoping to get out for some lunch with a blog bud over the weekend and perhaps laptop shop!!

Have a good one lovelies!



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