My Happy Week #141

My Happy Week #141

I am writing this post after finishing my final day at work before maternity leave. It feels weird and surreal and I don’t think it has really sunk in yet.

I also realise I have taken naff all pictures this week and I hope this changes!!

It’s been a busy week and this what has made me happy:

– I had my final session in reception with the kids on Monday. It’s been a fab experience and I hope to go back one day but for now I’m way too huge!

– We had family over at the weekend and the grem had a blast. We headed back to Infla Nation and hubby and I had a date night curry!

– I got a couple of hours rest to myself when everyone went to town on Saturday. This was heaven, as not happened much this pregnancy!!

– Had some nice blog bits come through the post this week. The girls and myself are very happy!

– Piglet, hubby and I went out for his birthday, which was lovely. We weren’t going to go, as Piglet kicked off but glad we did. She loved her food and it was nice to get pizza.

– I bought a laptop!! I new MacBook Pro. I’m saving having a good look until either maternity leave or when hubby and I go away this weekend for his birthday.

– That brings me to my next point. Hubby and I are away for his birthday this weekend. We are off to a spa hotel on Sunday night and I can’t wait.

– Piglet did her first wee on the potty! She hasn’t done anything since but it’s a start. I have remembered how much I hate potty training though.

So when I look back it’s been a good week! I still can’t believe I have finished work.

Have a good one lovelies!!


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