My Happy Week #143

My Happy Week #143

My second week of maternity leave has come to an end and I have the lovely gremlin with me for half-term now. I was wondering how I will cope with this but she is older now and I’m sure if I am getting tired, I can tell her to disappear for a little while!!

So what has made me happy this week?

– We caught up with friends at the weekend and had a lovely meal out. Always good and the kids have fun!

– Piglet has done really well with her potty training. She did a bit of a u turn after an awful day with her last week. I’m thankful for hubby and the gremlin, as think they cracked it!!

– I have had a couple of chill days, where I have got some blog bits one but I have also chilled and watched a film and generally rested.

– I saw the midwife on Wednesday and everything was fine with the little man. Need to go again in 2 weeks if I make it.

– We went out for my Mum’s birthday which was yummy and the girls stuffed their faces at Bella Italia; they love the bolognaise and ice-cream.

– I had a day with the gremlin on Friday, as it was an inset day. She was getting her hair cut and she needs to get a new passport, so off to get photos.

We are seeing family this weekend and probably doing some more baby preparation! Eek.

Have a good one lovelies.


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