Top Pranks My Husband Pulled At University

top pranks

AD – My hubby was a prankster when he was at University and not just a tame one at that. I’m genuinely surprised at some of the things he got away with. I’m surprised he actually had any friends left. I’m pretty much surprised he never hasn’t had a law suit thrown against him and needed Prime Lawyers! Some of his top pranks were bad and took a bit of time to get over!

Luckily for me, I met him when his pranking days were over. I haven’t had anything too mean done to me yet. I’m wondering if my kids will follow suit and if so, I will have to watch out!

He likes to tell a tale my other half, so I asked him to tell her some of his best pranks for this post. Without further ado:

– Wrapped everything in newspaper in someone’s Uni room. Everything! It sounded like that Mr Bean episode when he wraps everything in newspapers and then blows a can of paint up to quickly paint his room! This got worse as he then sellotaped everything to the ceiling. I couldn’t even begin to imagine that person’s face!

– Put water bombs inside loads of possessions in a mate’s room. Under blankets, trousers pockets, in shoes, under pillows, in drawers. Can you imagine how annoyed you would be?? Wet pants!!

– Made a spider web in someone’s room using string – a 100 metre ball of string! I had images of the Crystal Maze or something with this one

– Set someone’s homepage at work to an adult website. An extreme adult website (!) and I think this person was caught out.

– Drew male genitals on postage notes and put them in a girl’s coat pockets. Lots of pockets. These were found years later!!!

– Made in the kitchen every cupboard like a London phone box and added calling cards. This didn’t go down well the more elderly landlord and his partner when they inspected the place. I think some fell out on them!

– Made the neighbour feel there was a stray sheep in their Cul de Sac, by making sheep noises every time she passed. This one made me laugh a lot!!

I think I was lucky to have not met my hubby until he was out of his pranking days, as I have never met anyone he would go to such lengths to get a laugh (and annoy someone!!)

What are your best pranks? Can you beat my hubby?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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