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There is no doubt about it. Halloween is going to be different this year. I was chatting to my neighbour and the realisation hit us that the kids were likely to be not going trick or treating. Currently we we live we are in a local lockdown and going around knocking on doors and sharing sweets probably in the list of exemptions of things we are allowed to do. This makes me feel really sad, as it would be the first year that my second daughter would probably go! Last year she was a little bit small and didn’t get into it; wanting to go home. I know we will probably be gearing up for a Halloween at home. I know this isn’t the end of the world but we have gone out for the last 3 years and to not being able to go, feels so strange!

I’ve already had a chat with my eldest about this and she is pretty realistic about the whole thing. I think as long as in her mind we will still celebrate Halloween, it’s fine. Trick or treating it just one aspect of Halloween and there is so much you can do with your kids to enjoy the day, especially if you are at home.

We brainstormed and had a think of all the things we would like to do for a Halloween at Home

Halloween at Home

Decorate the House

Just because we can’t go out trick or treating doesn’t mean we can’t decorate the house. We have some small pumpkins from last year and there are loads of cheap options of things to buy. You can use fake cobwebs, pumpkins, monsters and ghouls and lights! Even better get the kids to make some decorations.

If you want cheap options, Poundlound can be great! I also saw some fab bits in Asda too!

Halloween Crafting –

There are so many Halloween crafts you can do from making spooky decorations, to making pom pom spiders, to drawing some Halloween pictures. I love crafting with the kids, as it’s a real bonding time (even if if completely trashes my house!!).

Have a look at this post for a fab roundup of Halloween crafts.

Halloween crafting may also include some slime making! I’m not a huge fan of slime myself but the kids love it! There are some great recipes online.

Here is a great one here.

Halloween Learning

We were kindly sent this fabulous book of Halloween activities. You can buy yours on Amazon here. It is aimed at kids ages 6-8. I really like this book as it’s not just your usual colouring in and puzzles. There are some real educational activities and perfect if you have any kids at home self-isolating right now. This currently retails at £5.99, so not too pricey and you get plenty of difference activities for your kids to do.

There are word searches, sentence writing skills, sequences, matching pairs and finishing sentences. I really feel it mixes creativity, English and Maths with a Halloween theme! Kids will forget they are learning and really get involved. My daughter did go straight to the colouring the cat picture but we will be cracking on with more as we lead up to Halloween.

Carve Pumpkins

I can’t believe I only got into doing this since my eldest was born. I feel I missed out! My husband is really good at doing it and even my eldest at 6, last year had a good go at it. Their creations were pretty amazing really. What I like about carving pumpkins is it is really therapeutic and you can use the middle for some delicious recipes, if you fancy it!

Check out this post for some ideas, with no kit needed!

craved pumpkins

Get Dressed up in Costumes

My girls will be definitely getting dressed up spookily and making the effort. We already have pumpkin costumes for my middley and my eldest will need to choose something too. They love getting dressed up and Halloween this year will be no different.

You may want to buy one or make! Check out my Pinterest Board for some inspiration.

halloween at home baby dressed up as a pumpkin

Paint Your Faces

I am shocking at doing this but even if you are not going to venture out (it is such good fun!) My eldest loves to do my face and again it is nice bonding time for us. There are some fabulous tutorials on YouTube and you can also find ideas on Pinterest too!

Halloween Clothes

A costume may be a bit much with no going trick or treating so a Halloween T shirt may be perfect instead. We were kindly sent a T-Shirt for my eldest from Halloween Shirts For Kids by Raleigh. My eldest chose a black tee with a bat, pumpkin and witches hat! There are so many colours and styles available; including hoodies, sweaters and vests. It looked great on her, really bright and vibrant. These tees retail at £15.99, including postage.

Go for a Halloween Walk or Treasure Hunt

Just because you can’t knock on doors and trick or treat, doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up and go for a walk to spy decorated houses. You take some sweets with you and hand out when you find houses. All that’s different is you can’t knock on a door. Wait until it’s dark and it will be really spooky!!!

We are hoping to do that with our neighbours as will be a group of 6! Got to stick to the Covid-19 rules!

You may also want to do a treasure hunt in your garden or out on your walk, if possible. Hide sweets or Halloween treats. Kids will love this! Perhaps when it is still light!! I always think a treasure hunt is a good way to get some learning in, especially if you write clues. Brilliant for reading skills.

Have a Halloween-Themed meal

For me I always think of hot-dogs and beans but you may want spooky spaghetti and meatballs.

Halloween Baking

There are so many amazing recipes on Pinterest for ideas for some Halloween-themed cooking and meals.

halloween cakes - halloween at home

You can have a look at this Halloween dessert recipes post for some ideas. Cupcakes, biscuits and cake! Yummy treats and keeps the kids busy for a little bit.

Tell Scary Stories

When I was a kid, I used to LOVE this. Telling scary stories. Getting myself really scared and even better was making up stories. Of course you have to tailor these to your child’s age but get creative and get yourself spooked.

Watch a Scary Film

My eldest’s current favourite films are the Hotel Transylvania set and she also quite liked the new Addams Family remake. What I love about some of the streaming services like Netflix or NOW TV is they put on films for Halloween, so you will probably find a good few.

Also check out this post for some Ideas for Halloween Spooky films.

Play Hide and Seek when it’s Dark

I loved this game as a child. We used to turn traditional hide and seek into a scare-fest. Trying to find people when it’s dark is pretty scary. It’s definitely more spooky being the seeker. Just be careful you don’t fall over someone!!

Learn about Halloween

The kids sometimes ask me where Halloween came from and why we celebrate it? I’ll be honest I don’t always feel like I really know the answer so having a Halloween at home is the perfect time to learn a little more. This resource is good for reading up on all the traditions and YouTube is always fab for some videos too!

Have a Halloween Zoom Party

It may not be as good as normal but organised a small Zoom party for your kids could be a great idea. A disco with some scary music with everyone dressed up? Play some party games and have a giggle. There will certainly be less mess than a normal Halloween party!

Halloween at home may not be the same as usual. You maybe used to trick to treating and parties with friends but it doesn’t have to be like that. Fun and spookiness can still be had and hope some of these ideas give you some inspiration.

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Halloween at Home 15 Things to do at Home

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