Fresh Content: How to Plan a London Getaway – Without the Kids

Fresh Content: How to Plan a London Getaway – Without the Kids

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

A family holiday is a fun way to spend time together, but sometimes you want to go somewhere without the kids. Although some people might not think so, it is still acceptable to go on grown-up trips without your children when you’re a parent. In fact, some might say that it’s even essential. It gives you a chance to have some adult time without the kids, and your children can even have a break from you at the same time. A trip within the UK is ideal because you’re not too far away from home, but there are still plenty of places to see. London makes the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for an escape and lots of things to do.

Organise Your Escape

Before deciding what you’re going to do in London, you need to work out the logistics of your trip. Firstly, you need someone to take care of your children while you’re away. It could be the perfect time for them to see their grandparents or even to go for sleepovers with their best friends for a couple of nights. You’ll have to work out who will be picking them up or dropping them off, and how you’re going to time it with your journey to London.

Choose a Grown-up Hotel

One of the benefits of a trip without the kids is that you don’t need a family-friendly hotel. While plenty of hotels in London are welcoming to families, even luxury establishments, sometimes they’re better suited to adults only. That’s great if you not only want to have a larger choice of hotels but also maybe want to avoid other people’s children too. Try a hotel like the Dorsett Hotel, City, which doesn’t have any family rooms. You’ll be much less likely to have to put up with anyone’s sproglets running around when you’re trying to enjoy a drink in the hotel bar.

Stay Out Late

Another bonus of your adult trip is there’s no strict bedtime and no need to keep the kids up until they’re tired and grumpy. London has a fantastic nightlife, so it’s the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy a night on the town. Whether you like traditional pubs, contemporary bars, late-night dinners, or even a club, there’s plenty to choose from. If you’re looking for somewhere to go out, you’ll find plenty of great places in Mayfair, Soho, Camden or, if you’re looking for somewhere exclusive, South Kensington.

Enjoy Some Adult Activities

Without the kids, you can also do anything that you want without wondering if it’s child-friendly. Although, just because an activity is adults-only, it doesn’t mean you can’t act like a big kid. At Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch, you can drink cocktails while enjoying a giant ball pit. At Brewdog Shoreditch, you can play retro arcade games in their basement. Or you can just enjoy a meal at a grown-up restaurant where there’s no children’s menu in sight.

Plan a London getaway without your children and you can enjoy a memorable adult break in the capital.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.