Men’s Christmas Gift Guide | AD

Men’s Christmas Gift Guide | AD

My husband loves this time of year as it is the time where I start asking him what sort of things he would like to include in my Men’s Christmas Gift Guide. I do always like to choose things he would like.

Christmas shopping for him can be difficult at the best of times and I often need all the help I can get!

So without further ado, here are some ideas for the men in your life this Christmas.

New for 2022

Gilette Razor

Made by Coopers but could be ladies

Aloe Vera Gel



1) A Bamboo Cup from Global WAKEcup

My husband loves a coffee and also loves one on the move, so I knew a reusable coffee cup would be perfect for him.

Global WAKEcup have an extensive range of sustainable, reusable coffee cups, water bottles, bamboo cutlery, straws, lunch boxes and more – perfect for stylist, environmentally friendly gifts.

For him I chose this Bamboo Mug.

Wake cup from GlocalWAKEup

2) Whole Bean Coffee from Black Insomnia

Of course, if you have a coffee mug, you need some coffee to go in it!

I was kindly sent for my husband some of the World’s Strongest Coffee in whole bean from Black Insomnia. They have better flavour and more caffeine than any other coffee. Designed for busy parents, workaholics and those who just need to stay awake! Caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas, on top of a luxurious dark chocolate flavour – high performance coffee has never tasted this good!!

This bag retails at £14.99 and is packed with 4 x the caffeine of average coffee – be more than average, with an extreme caffeine kick of 1105mg caffeine per 12oz cup. There is no acidity or bitterness. There are smooth yet strong caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas. Sounds delicious and I know my husband would be keen to try on a tired morning!

black insomnia coffee

3) A Print from Ink and Drop

We have many prints in our house and they really do enhance the decor and give a personalised touch to the house. I was thrilled to be contacted by Ink and Drop to include one of their prints in this gift guide.

Ink and Drop have a huge choice of quality art products for your home, office, for anywhere. You can make your own customised design or choose from vintage, altered art prints and even designs for kids. You can also get your images framed.

We chose this Henri Matisse Exhibition Museum Poster. It was framed in oak and size 30×40. For the print this retailed at £19.00. An oak frame at that size retails at £26.00.

Check Ink and Drop out for a really unique gift this Christmas.

4) Healthy Snacks From Eat Lean

My husband loves food and loves snacking, so I knew some healthy snacks from Eat Lean would go down well. The snacks are high in protein, low fat and very tasty. Perfect for training and looking after yourself.  They are also low in calories and vegetarian.

We were sent a selection of nibbles, a cheese bake and some Icelandic style-yoghurts, as well as some cheese shakers.

Prefect for those wanting easy options and for those who love a bit of cheese!

5) Champagne from Say It With Champers

I love a bit of champagne and so does my husband, so I knew he would love a gift with Say It With Champers.

They stock some lovely personalised champagne gifts and he was sent this amazing champagne gift. You can personalise it with three lines.

The champagne is described as full of character, combining light, fresh, citrus fruit flavours. Lively bubbles with a well balanced tangy finish thanks to extended ageing before release.

It currently retails at £40.74. Perfect for a treat for a loved one!

6) Socks from Ballonet

No gift guide would be complete without some socks and we were sent a couple of pairs from Ballonet.

Ballonet socks are made from brushed cotton yarns and no polyester! They feel lovely and soft, comfy and breathable. There are also pre-packed gift boxes and sock bundles.
All available with free UK deliveries!
We were kindly sent two pairs. The men’s is size 7.5-1.5 and one women’s size 4-7. I love the colours and they look so cosy.

I think my husband is going to love some of these products and I’m looking forward to wrapping some of these up for him this Christmas.

Have a good one!


Disclosure – we were sent these products in exchange for including in this gift guide. All thoughts and opinions are our own.