Nemo and Giraffe Review

Nemo and Giraffe Review

My little girl loves a good story so I was happy to review a new author and children’s book on the market. Plus I get some extra special cuddles with my girlie as we read together!

The story is about two great friends Nemo and Giraffe and is written by Lee Hunter, who is an aspiring children’s author and childminder from Scotland. The book is illustrated by Lindy Damen and the fabulous pictures really bring the story to life and help the child to engage with the story.

 The story introduces the concept of friendship and how friends can be the complete opposite to each other, differ in appearance but of course, none of this matters. This is great as is introducing little ones to the idea of not judging people on appearance and the understanding of how anyone can be friends.

It describes the lovely relationship between Nemo, who is based on Lee’s own cat, and Giraffe and what they like to get up to as friends together. The story also describes how Nemo is a house cat; quite timid and afraid. This introduces children to the concept of treating animals carefully and not frightening them. This is very relevant to my daughter as she loves animals and does need to learn how to treat them with respect and care.

My little daughter was fascinated. Sometimes with a new story she is off like a shot after 2 pages but she sat and listened to the whole book and asked for it to be read to her again. She didn’t move off my knee and was completely engrossed.

I would definitely recommend this book for all little ones, especially those who already have such a love for animals. It is a lovely one to sit and read together and with older children, to have a discussion around.